k-12 curriculum

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Foundational Writing

Students in the Foundational Writing courses focus on learning different genres of writing, from creative storytelling to analytical literature responses. Instructors address common writing issues by teaching structural writing skills, pre-writing and preparation skills, and grammatical writing skills. Students will become better writers by learning how to write complete detailed sentences, include sentence variation, link thoughts and ideas, and express their opinions in clear, logical, and rhetorically rich ways.

Reading and Writing

The Reading and Writing courses emphasize reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and critical thinking skills. Our native-English instructors use their knowledge of the language and of literature to teach essential English skills through the exploration of themes, story elements, and literary discussions. Students’ speech, writing, and understanding of the culture will improve via interaction and participation in our individualized instruction and the completion of homework.


Our STEM courses cover a wide range of topics, from high school biology and chemistry to elementary earth systems and magnetism. Teachers take a language-learning approach by including vocabulary terms and explaining difficult concepts in a simple manner. Following Common Core standards, students will cover grade-level concepts at their own pace with an emphasis on developing a foundational understanding of STEM topics before moving forward in the course.

AP Training

Interested in taking AP courses in high school? Prepare your student by taking AP preparatory courses with Edulinx. Topics such as US History, Economics, Literature and Composition, and Language Arts will be covered by experts in their respective fields. Courses focus on developing AP writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills through weekly practice of reading comprehension and essay composition drills.

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