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Armed with experience and expertise, we empower our students and enable them to achieve their personal best.

Our Mission

We aim to enable and support students so they can achieve their dreams of higher education. We believe students deserve opportunities to attain the success they want. To help them in their often diverse and seemingly unattainable ambitions, we’ve designed specific programs that assist any student in any part of the learning process.

Our Model

Every student comes with his or her own interests, experiences, and skillset. That’s why we’ve developed the ALS (Alice) Model to individualize each student’s path to success – whether success means studying abroad, applying for schools, or participating in community service. By holistically determining each student’s engagement in Academics, Leadership, and Self-Awareness, we can tailor our counseling services to provide the right path for each person, while keeping each student’s goals in mind. Under the same model, we also assist universities in screening students by verifying the veracity of their applications. We’ve set up partnerships and joint programs with different types of institutions across the globe to provide both students and universities with the opportunities and prospects that suit them best.

Our Pledge

We believe in accurately representing students and education institutions alike. Every person or place has strengths, and we believe that we can highlight a student’s gifts and talents through our A.C.E. Model. Consequently, we do not produce, condone, or affiliate ourselves with falsified documents or grades.

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