Our Ethos



Our Expertise


Our consultants possess over fifteen years of experience in high level management positions within Fortune 500 companies. Often, as senior managers, they recruit fresh talent from top universities, training their keen eyes for capability and potential. They support students on their paths to becoming ideal candidates for both universities and companies, creating and enabling opportunities through their networks and connections.


Our Creativity


Our team at EduLinx does not think outside of the box–instead, we believe there is no box. We refuse to place limits on the type and quality of opportunities that we can offer students, and as a result, we’ve successfully developed unique, innovative study abroad programs. We’ve partnered with institutions to create provisional admissions opportunities so that students can tackle burdensome language requirements with an unrivalled peace of mind. We work with institutions from every student’s home country to ensure that the student will be well-prepared for language and culture barriers. We aim to offer you innovative solutions to any problem you may face, be it academic or professional.


Our Care


Every student has a story to tell, and we want to hear it. We believe the better we know you the better we can help you, so we host extensive interviews and conduct ongoing meetings with both the family and the student. No matter what part of the learning process you’re in, we want to further your abilities so you can achieve your goals, whether it’s entering the college of your choice or a certain career path. We’ll tailor our four year growth plans or our half-year accelerated path to fit your needs. But your journey with us never truly stops. We help students using our connections so they can find the job they want. We provide counseling services throughout all of our students’ careers so they can get the promotions they deserve. We offer continual guidance and mentorship so the students can become the successful entrepreneurs they want to be.